Meet The Team

Rhythm Catcher Records

Dave Quincey

Dave is one of the Partners of the business. He has been a Collector of Vinyl for the past 35 years and has specialised in worldwide releases of Rock 'N' Roll, Doo Wop, Rockabilly and all their more modern sub-genres, particularly Neo-Rockabilly, Neo-Swing and Psychobilly.

In his spare time often seen at Rock 'N' Roll Gigs and Weekenders, either queuing at the bar, trawling though other Dealers' vinyl for sale or just enjoying the delights of the bands and his friends.

Outside music he has a keen interest in Sports, particularly Ice Hockey and American Football, having been a former amateur American Football player in the UK for well over 20 years.

Favourite Bands : The Jets (UK Rockabilly band), Stray Cats (US Neo-Rockabilly band), Si Cranstoun (UK RnB/Rock 'N' Roll Artist), TT Grace (Swedish Rock 'N' Roll/Doo Wop band), Emmy Lou & The Rhythm Boys (Swedish Rockabilly band), Lil Mo & The Dynaflos (US Doo Wop band), The Lincolns (Australian Rockabilly band) and The Jive Aces (UK Swing/Jive band).

Sean Campbell

Sean, the other Partner in the business is less of a Collector but enjoys the research side and history of music, artists and the genre links and is invaluable in finding hidden gems that will be  listed on here for sale over the next months.

Sean's aim is to see a Rhythm Catcher Records become one of the UK's top suppliers of recorded media in both quality and value for money.

Away from the vinyl treasure seeking and research, Sean was a very successful Rugby player at local and National level for many years, and although 'officially' retired ;) from playing he remains a massive supporter of Rugby Union and in particular his home Club, Birkenhead Park Rugby Club.

Favourite Bands: Fleetwood Mac and many Classic Rock Groups & several Mod, Ska and Punk bands.

Stella Quincey

Often thought of as the wife of a Vinyl Junkie (Dave) but Stella is a Vinyl junkie in her own right with over 30 years of collecting. Stella is involved in supporting Rhythm Catcher Records, assisting with the Cleaning, Grading and listing of vinyl for sale. She also travels throughout the UK valuing and collecting vinyl collections for re-sale.

Stella has little time to chill with working full time and looking after her father but enjoys Concerts, Record Fairs and a few pints, yes pints of 'Guinness and Black' in ye olde style pubs around Manchester.

Favourite Artists: Michael Buble, Si Cranstoun (runs his Facebook Group), Savage Garden/Darren Hayes, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Susan Dukes

Susan, a Soul - Funk - RnR fanatic and Collector of 30 years, does everything to help within the business, collecting & valuing collections, cleaning vinyl, listing on website and other selling sites.

Susan main role though is to manage the Social Media sites - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google. She will also be sending out the Monthly Newsletter to Customers with new arrivals and special promotions and generally promoting the business throughout the Internet.

Outside of work Susan enjoys going to the 70's and 80's Clubs and Events with her 'better half' and enjoys long walks in the Lake District where her ears can repair from the night after night of listening to funk and Soul.

Favourite Artists: Too many to name but really anything Funk or Soul and a few niche Indie Pop/Rock artists.